Who are Carpet Recycling UK?
Carpet recycling UK is a not- for- profit membership association working to reduce the amount of carpet waste being sent to landfill. They wish to promote the diversion from landfill of textile flooring in the UK to resource for sustainable use. They do this by working with business in the supply chain. Members include businesses and organisations from every stage of the carpet supply chain, together with recyclers and equipment providers.
What they do with the Carpet?
Once acquiring these materials Carpet Recycling UK convert them into sustainable waste from just the recycled carpets they have been supplied and no involvement with other resources. A lot of this carpet is produced into high quality carpet fibre surfaces which is the forefront on carpet recycling.
Why we are interested in the cause?
We are interested in the cause as its an opportunity to benefit not only us but the planet itself. The organisation comes and collect an agreed amount of carpet after the agreed goal is reached. This carpet is then taken away to be recycled in the multiple different forms they offer. These forms can range from being recycled back into materials that can be used for manufacturing new carpets such as nylon fibre. Materials such as LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) from brands like Karndean and Amtico are made from these recycled resources. Bitumen backing from carpet tiles can also be recycled back into roofing and road surfaces. This shows the importance behind recycling but also how useful these resources like carpet are and how it may not seem it but can be a very efficient material to use. Although its controversial, these carpets can also be burnt for fuel. Compared to coal the carpet is far more environmentally friendly and that the emissions given off aren’t as harmful.
What we want is to know that whatever materials don’t get used for our customers is getting used in some way or another to either benefit other companies or business but more importantly not going to waste.
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